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2 years ago

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I started cross-dressing in a very early ashemaletube age, "borrow" items from my mother's underwear and dressing them secretly when I was at work. Since I was an only child, and mom and dad had separated, I had plenty of time to ashemaletube enjoy my little hobby! I loved to wear stockings, sexy feel of them wrapped my legs and tail, and how I got the feeling that as a child, when I admire my reflection in the large mirror in the hallway. I would also like to take your large full size Doreen bra and panties, and fill it with a lace underwear and a ashemaletube pair of heels or sneakers mule strips could fit in that regard. So that ashemaletube I play in my socks without him, I turned around, and I would be very difficult to spend all day in them. This little habit continued until ashemaletube I finally left home in my early years of the 20's ! I remember one morning ashemaletube I was in my usual favorite ashemaletube position - hips in the best shape of my child in front of the large mirror. Had a set blue bikini, said only half- blackabove my waist, and a pair of high heels black strip. I rubbed and caressed me in a frenzy, as it is a loud knock at the door - that was a few inches away from me now. Almost jumped out of my skin and was grateful that I pulled the curtain of the door. I stood still and silent, my heart was pounding in my chest. The knocking grew louder and more insistent, and someone shouted: "Open it, " Every time knocking. I decided to answer, then pulled the curtain just enough to allow the door a few inches. I stuck my head out the door and was surprised to see moms friend Geoff. "There are some falls on the road was, and I just check if everything is in order here," he said. He tried to look past me in the house, so simple, I whispered that everything was fine and went to the door as fast as I could to close. When I did, was the door, and I realized my own foot in his way. I QuicMove thousands of light years, but I am sure that Geoff had seen in my stockings and heels. shaken by it all, got naked and my clothes. About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Geoff was new. "Well, it seemed a little nervous before getting Can ' Geoff was one of those old retired dealing -. community ?.. Mutual aid and so on, a widower and a bit of thinking just me, and was the mother... under his tutelage after divorce, I had it and ashemaletube went to the kitchen with both of us a cup of tea while he explains about the drops on the road then out of nowhere, said: " I Pantyhose ? and over Heels. " I went bright red and did not know what to say " Okay, I will not tell your mother, not that there's anything wrong with it anyway - many men dress in clothes a woman. Want to know a secret? Also, when I was a young man like you! I was surprisedshame, but I felt a strange ashemaletube sense of relief - and something else stirring inside. "What do you think of when you think of herself as a woman disguised as Peter? Are you Peter, Do you think that a woman, girl, stick with your own name? " "I can imagine how a sexy woman with whom a woman's body dressed in women's clothes beautiful, sexy, "I replied, feeling strangely on now. "And what is your female name ? " Asked Geoff. "Fiona," he said. ( I got the name because of a girl named Fiona, who were elected to our street. She was very tarty, with a fantastic figure and always wore makeup, tight blouses, miniskirts and high heels with her ​​toenails painted red or bright pink). " This is better, I am calling Fiona from now," said Geoff. "Dressed in fact, why do not you go for me now to Fiona, and I make another cup of tea. Be quick. " with a beating heart I went to my room and I have my stock of clothes. Mom does not know a bit run very hot underwear, but I chose the SmalI had this pair of panties and a
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